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book_memes's Journal

Book Memes and Quizzes
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The definitive collection of book memes & quizzes

Actually, we're a little light on rules.

Post a BOOK meme or quiz, with or without your answers (or answer in comments), or take one away to post in your own journal. Begin one (they all have to start somewhere!), share a recent find, or revisit an old favourite. All we ask is that you cut for length and nsfw questions/answers. It's nice to give credit if you can remember where you found it.

Think of this community as your dealer in book meme crack. We're here to enable you.

book_meme favourites:

Intro meme. Great for introducing yourself to the comm.

Your Books meme. Extensive grilling about your book habits!

Page 56 meme. Probably the oldest and most random of the book memes.

The Book Icon Challenge meme

30-Day book meme. For the dedicated meme'r

The LibraryThing unread books meme. A bold/italicise list. Also The LibraryThing top 999 books (by number of copies) list. An [x] list.

The BBC 'most unread books' meme. An [x] list (sometimes called the 'pretentious meme', because the BBC doesn't believe people read books).

The 1001 Books to Read before you Die meme. A bold/italicise list for the true masochist.

The 100 Must-Read Children's Books. An [x] list from the Telegraph's website.

The 100 most influential novelists, poets and playwrights list. An [x] list. While we're talking lists, why not check the Hugo Award list, Man Booker Prize list and, if you're feeling seasonal, this Christmas book list.

Currently Reading meme. Posted here monthly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t answer it anytime.

Desert Island Books for the Twisted. A quickie.
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